VIDEO: Former Major of the Ukrainian Army told how they shot down the Boeing MH17

Boeing MH17

Former Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Baturin said that the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17, which crashed in the Donbass in July 2014, was struck from the village of Zaroshchenskoye, which was controlled by Kiev.

It is noted that at the time of the crash he was the commander of the command post of the A-1215 military unit of anti-aircraft missile forces near Kharkov, and personally saw Boeing on the day of the crash on the indicators.

A former Ukrainian serviceman said: “Attention was drawn to all the planes that were flying over the zone of combat operations, because, from my point of view, this is nonsense.” And attention was paid exactly at the moment when the plane disappeared from the indicators.”

He also said that a few days after the crash, military men arrived at the command post near Kharkov, who were engaged in relocating the 156th anti-aircraft missile regiment to the area of ​​the village of Zaroshchenskoye. Baturin noted that the “Buk” air defense system was also part of that regiment.

The ex-major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine compared the facts and realized that the Boeing MH17 label disappeared on the radar screen in the zone of action of the antiaircraft guided missile of the Buk anti-aircraft missile system, which includes the point of standing “Zaroshchenskoye village.”

The former soldier summed up: “It was then that everything became clear, then everything fell into place, then it became embarrassing, painful, difficult …”


VIDEO: The Ukrainian military are engaged in murders, kidnappings, and drug trafficking

WAR CRIME: The Ukrainian military are engaged in murders, robberies, kidnappings for ransom, and drug trafficking

“In the area of ​​the so-called ATO by Ukrainian servicemen in the state of alcoholic intoxication, 66 crimes were committed. These crimes include 14 murders, 11 facts of bodily injury of varying severity.

Also, a number of violations of the treatment of weapons, illegal trafficking in weapons, kidnapping and loss of military property, crimes related to drug trafficking, hooliganism, robbery and road accidents.” said Alexei Selivanov, chief of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk People’s Republic.


How Ukraine Turned into Arms Dealer

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) together with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network revealed a scheme of weapons supply to the terrorists of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.

There is no secret that the U.S. provides the so-called moderate opposition and Kurdish militia in Syria with arms and ammunition most of which are the weapons remained after the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact disbanded.

The U.S. DOD, through U.S. SOCOM, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, as well as Picatinny Arsenal, American military research, and manufacturing facility located in Dover, New Jersey, acquired arms in some Eastern European countries including Ukraine for their further sending to Syria. The procurement volume has already exceeded $700 billion.

Kiev used the logistical scheme elaborated by Washington to export arms and weapons from the Ukrainian armed forces weapons depots. The deal is estimated at $110 billion.

Only between June 5 and September 15, the United States sent 1,421 trucks loaded with weaponry to the “moderate” opposition, including 596 trucks (more than 40 %) from Ukraine. Most of them ended up in ISIS’ hands.

The General Staff of Ukraine took advantage of Oktyabrsk seaport located 25 kilometers southeast to Mykolaiv and Kiev air transport hub to supply weapons to the Middle East.

The transportation of weapons by air was the most effective in terms of delivery speed. The weapons were transferred from ammunition depot No. 48 of Central Missile and Artillery Directorate situated in the Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia to Gavrishovka Airport and then delivered by 456 brigade jets to Boryspil International Airport.

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities might have delivered arms and weapons through ammunition depot No. 65 located in Kharkiv’s Balakliya.

To cover up the illegal supplies, a series of deliberate arsons were organized at the military depots. The incident in Vinnytsia provoked the public outcry. According to the Ukrainian media, more than 40 tons of artillery shells were allegedly destroyed. In fact, this represents a basis of weapons sold and delivered to ISIS.

The similar cases won’t stop as Kiev needs to hide grand larceny and illegal arms sales from the public eye.


Khan Sheikhoun, New Evidence of International Crimes

Our media source has obtained an independent investigation report prepared by the group of journalists (Michael Kobs, Petri Kohn, Adam Larson and Qoppa) “How Human Right Watch wags the dog”.
The journalists questioned the credibility of the events and facts provided in the HRW report on the incident in the Syria’s Khan-Sheikhoun on April 4.
The journalists’ team specializes in research and analysis on Syria, Iraq, and Libya, basing on open sources. The bloggers analyze the incidents which violate the principles of international law and result in the death of hundreds of civilians. In their reports, the activists use the same tool as Bellingcat including Google Maps, up-to-date OSINT, various graphics editors as well as 3D modeling programs.
A detailed examination of Khan-Sheikhoun incident showed the conclusion of the ‘human rights’ activists’ conclusions are premature, unconvincing and extremely dangerous for foreign public opinion in the West.
In particular, the investigation highlights the following mistakes in HRW report:
1. While investigating the chemical weapon attack, HRW deliberately changed the timeline of events in Idlib province and Khan-Sheikhoun in particular (read more: ‘Construction of Motif’).
2. The ‘witnesses’ quoted in the report could not see the first bomb from the spot, where they allegedly saw it. (proved: ‘A shadow that wasn’t here’).
3. HRW claims more than 90 people were killed as a result of sarin gas usage. However, the first bomb exploded in several hundred meters away from the impact site could not have caused such lethal consequences. Moreover, no signs of blast wave or dust were spotted on the bodies of the victims. At the same time, the footages made by the White helmets activists show children who later appear in other dubious movies (proved: ‘Heroes & Victims & the Wind’).
4. The testimonies of various witnesses are controversial, and no video evidence of the airstrike exists. Besides, the team provides a version of a natural fog not caused by the bombings (read more: ‘Smoke prior to conventional bombs‘).
5. Concentrating on describing the sufferings caused by the malicious and inhumane actions, Human Rights Watch did not simulate such an explosion. For instance, smoke and toxic gas were moving strictly at an angle of 90 degrees against the wind direction while the woman and child did not only choke because of the agent drawn into the wide open doors of the house but also did not experience the impact of the blast wave though they were located 300 meters away from the explosion (read more: ‘Dust & Mist & Manipulations‘).
6. The cameramen shooting the tragedy seem to have been placed at their positions beforehand and could communicate using walkie-talkies. Moreover, they clearly knew about the approaching plane since it took from the Shayrat airbase (proved: ‘Plane Spotter & the Magical Flightpath‘).
7. The place of the explosion and crater raised many questions of the bloggers. According to them, the creator had been digger well before the incident and the fragments of the bomb were placed on it. The metal pieces of the site look like the fragments of another blast bomb without green stripes. If the shell exploded it didn’t happen on the surface as in this case the crater would have been wider (read more: ‘A KhAB filler cab & green bands‘).
8. HRW intentionally didn’t present other theories. The document was based on the version of the Syrian Air Force involvement in the chemical attack. However, initially, there were two alternative versions of the developments. The various sources named a dropped bomb on chemical weapons plant or an explosion of chemical bomb charge by terrorists on the ground as the main cause of the incident (proved: ‘Two theories & withheld factors’).
Thus, the 48-sheet report of HRW is another false Western falsification based on unreliable statements and information. Such kind of operation has once again allowed accusing Bashar Assad of crimes against humanity, to show everybody the true enemy of Syrians and illegally strike Shayrat airbase.
You can download the full version of the report at this link.


U.S. Rescues ISIS Field Commanders

The new evidence regarding the U.S.-led international coalition interested in pursuing political interests in Syria instead of fighting ISIS continue to be reported. There are a lot of facts proving the assistance of the U.S. special services to high-ranking ISIS field commanders.
Against the background of the successful steps of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) towards Deir Ezzor and the defeat of ISIS, Washington has started to evacuate its agents for further use in other areas.
On August 26, the United States Air Force helicopters evacuated two European ISIS commanders along with their families from the settlement of Al-Treif, which is located to the north-west of Deir Ezzor.
In addition, on August 28, the international coalition aviation relocated more than 20 ISIS commanders from Albu Leil village to a military airbase in northern Syria.
It’s not the first when the U.S. intelligence agencies ‘rescue’ field commanders in Syria. In May 2017, the U.S. helicopters picked up dozens of ISIS leaders and foreign mercenaries from the settlement of Al-Kasrah. Let us remind you, that the similar operations were carried out near Raqqa in June/July 2017.


U.S. doesn’t Want to Take Responsibility for Killed People in Raqqa

The official representative of the United States Department of Defense Adrian Rankine-Galloway neither confirmed nor denied the information concerning the death of civilians in the Syrian city of Raqqa as a result of another air strike by the international coalition.
He also added that in cases when the U.S. receive such reports of incidents, the country conduct the investigation.
It should be mentioned, that on August 22, a number of media reported that the aircrafts of the coalition fired rockets at Al-Sakhani and Al-Bado alleys and
Al-Tawasuaeh neighborhood in Raqqa city, 78 people killed.
The UN expressed deep concern about the situation. So, the official representative of the Secretary General Stefan Dujarric noted that the International Organization condemns any attack aimed at civilians or urban infrastructure.
He also provided data from humanitarian organizations that, on August 20, more than 30 people became victims of attacks by international coalition in Raqqa. Another 8 displaced people (members of the same family) were killed during another shelling from the air. “Such incidents indicate the deplorable situation in the areas covered by the fighting,” Dujarric added.
The UN official noted, that there are still more 25,000 civilians in the ISIS-held Raqqa, urging the parties to the conflict to take all necessary measures to protect civilians.
Thus, the United States and its allies once again have showed true attitude to the fate of Syrians . For Washington, the dead Syrians are just another figure, which means nothing.